State of Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers

The State of Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers is the governing body of real estate appraisers. The various licenses all require qualifying and continuing education and are renewed annually. You can find a wealth of information on Licensure Requirements for a Real Estate Appraiser, Certified Real Estate Appraiser, or Certified General Appraiser here:
Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers

Appraisal Institute

The Appraisal Institute is a professional organization of real estate appraisers. While the national headquarters are located in Chicago, IL, there are over 80 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to providing both qualifying and continuing education to real estate appraisers across the country, the Appraisal Institute is the governing body for a variety of professional appraisal designations, including the MAI.
MAI Designation Requirements

Find Appraisal Institute Education

The Montana Chapter of the Appraisal Institute offers a variety of educational offerings. The Education Chairperson welcomes suggestions when scheduling education throughout the state all throughout the year.
AI Education Opportunities